Meghan Markle must step up after Netflix chop as royal ties won’t save her, says expert

Meghan Markle must step up after Netflix chop as royal ties won’t save her, says expert

Netflix’s decision to scrap Meghan Markle’s upcoming show proves she’ll need more than royal ties to survive in the tough world of showbiz, an expert has claimed.

It’s been reported that the streaming giant has cancelled Archewell Productions’ Pearl, an animated children’s series following the adventures of a young girl who found inspiration via influential women throughout history, as part of a series of financial cutbacks.

Meghan w executive producer on the project, alongside Elton John’s husband David Furnish.

Royal biographer and expert Robert Jobson believes the couple will need to up their game to keep and develop their multi-million dollar business deals.

He tells The Mirror: “Netflix has certainly caught a chill. And so too have wannabe be multi-millionaire film producers Meghan and Harry.

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“The subscription streaming service’s shares have tanked after missing it subscriber target by 200,000.

“Now staff are being axed at the California based firm, and big-name projects cancelled.

“One of the first high-profile casualties is Meghan Markle, who along with Prince Harry signed a multimillion-pound deal with Netflix in 2020.

“Her animated series Pearl has been officially axed.

“She was to be an executive producer of the series, that focused on the adventures of a 12-year-old girl inspired by influential women from history, that was its development stage.

“It has led to some media commentators smugly purring at the couples’ misfortune. I am not one of them.

It’s part of a series of cuts from Netflix
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“I think they have shown enterprise in securing these big money deals, once Harry had stopped taking handouts from the bank of dad.

“So, what does this mean for the couple who quit the royals to find peace, fame, and fortune back in the USA?

“Surely, Netflix will want more bang for their big bucks?

“The couple may now face increasing pressure to come up with the goods, royal related goods too, to bring back Netflix’s subscribers.

“There has been talk of the Sussexes joining the Queen and other members of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for her Platinum Jubilee.

“But any Netflix cameras following them will be left at the door.

“We are told too that the lucrative Archewell deal with Netflix is still very much in place, with many more projects in the pipeline.

“One project is a doco series called ‘Heart of Invictus’ which follows Harry at the recent games in the Hague, in the Netherlands.

“But the cancelling of Meghan’s series proves one thing – their name and royal associations alone, doesn’t guarantee backing in the ruthless world of showbiz.

“Will Netflix demand more royal tittle tattle, from the prince and his wife? Are they prepared to sell-out even more? Only time will tell.

“But after much publicised chats with Oprah and others, surely, they have exhausted their bombshell royal revelations by now.”

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