‘I loved my sons’ names but nursery staff’s passing remark has ruined them for me’

‘I loved my sons’ names but nursery staff’s passing remark has ruined them for me’

A woman who picked the perfect names for her little boys has been left questioning her choices after staff at their nursery made a seemingly innocent comment.

Her oldest son, Jason, just turned three while her second, Robbie, was born earlier this year.

But when the mum took her younger boy to meet staff at Jason’s nursery, someone made a comment that she hasn’t been able to shake.

Extremely upset, she took to Mumsnet to ask other parents if they think she’s overreacting, and mums have been quick to share supportive messages.

She writes: “When we introduced Robbie to Jason’s nursery teacher and my health visitor, they both commented ‘oh, like Take That’.

“I shrugged it off to begin with but I can’t seem to shake this horrible feeling I get that I can’t really describe… Perhaps someone can put some words/sense to it.

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“Everyone around me thinks I’m being ridiculous and overthinking it.”

The anonymous mum says she’t not a big music fan so didn’t make the connection, and went on the explain the emotional reason for the names she picked.

She explains: “Jason was named because his name means to heal (we lost a baby prior to him at 23 weeks in my pregnancy and we lost a baby at 24 weeks after him but before Robbie) so Jason really has been my healer to get through some very dark times.

“Both my partner and I loved the name Robbie and agreed on it. And since learned that it means ‘bright fame/glory’.

“My Robert is the brightness after the darkness of our most recent loss.

“However, since these Take That comments, I’ve been really struggling to call him Robbie without being reminded of Take That.

“I’m mid 30s and the comments were made by women who would remember Take That.

“I’m not really into music so didn’t think of it. They are both traditional, normal names that can’t be changed.”

While the mum still loves the names, she’s determined to overcome the feeling.

She adds: “My mindset needs to change but I’ve tried for months now and I can’t seem to move past it.

“I’m hoping that by sharing this here someone will offer some insight as to why I feel this way, why I’m taking it so seriously and why it upsets me so much.”

People were quick to take to the comment section to share their love of the names.

Most said they would never have made the connection and sent messages of support to the mum.

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