Why does Rich Eisen run the 40-yard dash? Reason NFL host runs at combine

Why does Rich Eisen run the 40-yard dash? Reason NFL host runs at combine

Run, Rich, run.

Rich Eisen, the famed sports personality, NFL Network host and chairman of the “Rich Eisen Show”, has made a name for himself for his dulcet tones behind the microphone. 

Eisen, though, has also gained a modicum of fame for what he does away from it at the NFL Combine every year: Eisen has run the 40-yard dash at every scouting combine since 2005, and he’s been remarkably consistent. 

It started as something of a gag, and the long-suffering Jets fan isn’t the most fleet of foot, but that doesn’t matter much.

Here’s why:

Why does Rich Eisen run the 40-yard dash?

Originally run as a challenge from Terrell Davis, Eisen running at the NFL Combine has taken on a new meaning: Now, he runs under the #RunRichRun campaign, raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital every year.

Eisen runs it annually on the last day of the NFL Combine, and has used the spectacle as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital since 2015. Eisen has helped raise roughly $4.2 million for the charity since then.

In 2021, instead of running at the combine — since it didn’t take place — Eisen ran at SoFi Stadium, home of Super Bowl 56. 

In addition to running the dash, Eisen also always runs in a suit and tie, and the image has become so enduring that his sprinting silhouette has become the logo for his radio show.

Eisen has had help in the past: former wideout Brandon Marshall offered to help Eisen train for the run in 2021, but it didn’t have an impact on his time.

Rich Eisen 40-yard dash time

Eisen’s 40-yard dash time might be best measured on a sundial as opposed to a stopwatch.

If you’re betting the over, you might be safe: Eisen routinely finishes around the 6-second mark in the 40-yard dash, with his 5.94-second mark in 2016 the fastest of his combine career.

Here’s a breakdown of his times over the years:

Year Time (Seconds)
2005 6.77
2006 6.22
2007 6.43
2008 6.34
2009 6.34
2010 6.21
2011 6.18
2012 6.03
2013 6.03
2014 5.98
2015 6.10
2016 5.94
2017 6.02
2018 5.97
2019 6.00
2020 5.98
2021 6.03