When is the ‘Man in the Arena’ final episode? Tom Brady ESPN documentary series on hold as QB mulls future

When is the ‘Man in the Arena’ final episode? Tom Brady ESPN documentary series on hold as QB mulls future

The NFL world was rocked Saturday by reports that Tom Brady is retiring.

Since ESPN’s report that he would be calling it a career, Brady’s camp has been largely silent. His father, Tom Sr., said that Brady has not made a decision, and his agent, Don Yee, said that only after hearing it from Brady himself can any news of his retirement be deemed official.

The drama over whether Brady will return to the NFL in 2022 comes as fans of his ESPN documentary series, “The Man in the Arena,” await the final episode. The series has detailed the quarterback’s NFL career from his perspective, with Brady serving as executive producer.

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Could the final episode be used to document his decision? Fans will have to wait a while to find out.

When is the ‘Man in the Arena’ final episode airing?

The answer is a bit in the air. The most news about the show’s 10th and final episode came from director Gotham Chopra, who said to expect the finale in the spring.

Chopra said Jan. 19 that Brady feels he needs time to reflect on the past season with the Buccaneers, which came to an end Jan. 23 in a divisional round playoff loss to the Rams.

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Each episode of the series has focused on a single Brady trip to the Super Bowl, with the most recent episode focusing on his final big game with New England. This next episode should then focus on his lone Super Bowl appearance with the Buccaneers.

The fact that the episode is still in production means that it is possible for Brady’s decision to be made public in it. And Chopra posted only this tweet to respond to ESPN’s report about Brady retiring.

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How to watch ‘Man in the Arena’

All episodes are available on ESPN+, the network’s streaming service. ESPN released an episode per week during the NFL season, starting Nov. 16, with each episode being posted on Tuesday.

Prior to the delay, Jan. 19 would have been the release date for the 10th episode.