Antiques Roadshow guest shocked by true value of collection he’s amassed over 40 years

Antiques Roadshow guest shocked by true value of collection he’s amassed over 40 years

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left amazed by the true value of his collection that has been 40 years in the making.

The man has spent four decades amassing the incredible collection of Scottish agate jewellery, which he brought with him to be valued in Dundee for a special episode of the BBC programme.

Showing off the collection, the man revealed he had spent over 40 years collecting all these pieces, which he had stored in a special jewellery casket – but he admits they weren’t too popular with his wife.

Expert Susan Rumfitt began: “This looks like a complete and utter box of collectables, a proper jewellery casket so let’s have a look and see what’s inside. My goodness this is quite extraordinary and there is even more in these drawers.

“All Scottish agate jewellery and this is yours that you have collected? It is a beautiful collection.”

The guest went on to explain how he had been collecting the times for four decades, and that he rarely shows anyone it.

“My personal collection that I have collected over the last 40 years. I like it, but not everyone does of course. My wife doesn’t like it. No it just sits in this cabinet and I occasionally show it to people. When it comes to buying new pieces, car boot sales are the best source for me and charity shops,” he said.

He got into the market for the jewellery as his mum was a big fan of the little stones.

“Well, I think the start of it was my mother had a little brooch, which was like a little sword and she called it pebble jewellery. Actually I don’t have it now but I have bought them ever since then and have collected since. I can’t stop,” he shared.

The expert added: “It is a beautiful collection and I particularly like these two pieces here because they show a variety of designs and it’s not just because they are mounted in gold.

“But, the exquisite engravings on this brooch and the way the agates have actually been cut are just superb and the quirkiness of the arrow we see here. It is extraordinary at what they were producing at the time and it appealed to both men and women.”

However, the guest was staggered to realise just how much his collection would be worth if he sold it – and he joked that the high selling price would go down a treat with his wife.

The expert said: “If you were to put this up for auction you’d get at least £6,000-8,000. And to be honest, probably even more.”

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