France eases travel restrictions for Brits amid ‘supersonic’ rise in Covid cases

France eases travel restrictions for Brits amid ‘supersonic’ rise in Covid cases

Brit travellers have been told that new rules will make it a “bit easier” to travel to France which is currently tackling a “supersonic” rise in Covid cases.

Holidaymakers were hit with strict new measures at the end of last year that stopped them heading across the Channel as the French government aimed to slow the spread of the Omicron variant.

People with ski holidays in the Alps were told that they could not enter France.

Restrictions were changed to allow Brits who were resident in other European countries to enter France after New Year and now government spokesman Gabriel Attal has said the rules will be further relaxed.

But no specific details have been given over changes to rules put in place to tackle the Covid surge.

Restrictions were put in place to try and slow the spread of Omicron

Attal said that it will be a “bit easier” to enter France with official rules for doing so widened during a government meeting earlier on Wednesday.

At present, the French government has said official reasons to justify a trip to the UK include urgent family matters, or travelling back to a main residence in Britain.

The changes appear to be more for Brits looking to head into France for work rather than leisure, as Attal said that the decision was made to “widen the list of compelling reasons, notably professional,” reported The Telegraph.

Holidaymakers were unable to go on their ski trips in the Alps
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It comes as Attal said that there had been a “supersonic” rise in Covid cases in France with more than 332,000 cases in the past 24 hours, while 246 more people have died.

He said that infections were reaching “stratospheric levels” in the Ile-de-France region around Paris and some other parts of France, adding that the situation in hospitals could worsen in coming weeks, with no end in sight to rising infections.

President Emmanuel Macron’s use of coarse language in a stepped-up campaign against France’s unvaccinated has caused controversy with condemnation from the opposition and a mixed reactions from voters.

Macron said he wanted to “p*** off” unvaccinated people by making their lives so complicated they would end up getting jabbed.

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