Woman working out in gym catches man filming her

A woman recording herself to study her weightlifting form at the gym found out she wasn’t the only one filming.

Earlier this month, a woman who uses the handle @marzil10 on TikTok, was horrified when she played back the video she’d taken to study her squat form.

As the clip starts, it shows the woman in front of the mirror, partially bending down to pick up some heavy dumbbells on the floor.

Her phone was behind her, propped up on a piece of equipment.

The video – which has racked up over two million views since being shared last week – then shows a man walking in front of the camera with his gym bag as he partially blocks the shot.

He places his bag on the screen, and as he does, the woman’s camera records his screen – which was focused on her bum.

Apparently responding to a question from the pervy gym goer, she says, “Sorry, no you’re fine”, before rushing back to pick up her phone.

It wasn’t until she checked the video in her car that she noticed the man appeared to be filming her.

The caption on the video read: “I’m disgusted.

“I was recording myself but it looks like I wasn’t the only one.”

She posted the video with hashtags, including #wtf, #gymfail, #whatdoido.

In a follow-up video, the woman explained what had happened: “So what basically happened was I was working out and taking a video of myself to see my progress and my form.

“So I set up my camera, my phone against a machine and this man walked by.

“And I was like, ‘oh I need to move it’, because it’s in his way.

“So I apologised and said, ‘oh no you’re fine’, but little did I know he was recording me.

“So it wasn’t until I was done working out and I came into my car and I rewatched my video and realised that he was in fact recording me.

“I felt so disgusted, my stomach literally dropped.”

“He’s lucky I was running late for work otherwise I would’ve ran in there and been like, ‘What the hell?'”

The TikToker said she reported the incident to an operations manager at the gym, and that the pair were going to look g

In a follow-up video, the woman said: “My stomach literally dropped.

“He’s lucky I was running late for work, otherwise I would have ran in there and been like ‘what the hell?'”

However, she did flag the incident to the gym’s assistant operations manager who assured her that they’ll file a report when they identify him.

“She was recording HERSELF, not him,” one outraged viewer wrote. “He had no right to record her.”

“This is why I don’t feel comfortable going to the gym,” another added. “They need an all female gym.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Jesus. I’m sorry this happened.”