Richard Madeley says Alan Partridge comparisons ‘unfair’ and calls his work ‘pretty pointless’

Richard Madeley says Alan Partridge comparisons ‘unfair’ and calls his work ‘pretty pointless’

Richard Madeley has confessed the constant comparisons to Alan Partridge can be unfair at times.

The TV presenter – who is set to appear on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! this weekend- admitted that the jokes can be “funny” and it’s all part of the job.

Richard, 65, also claimed that his career in entertainment can be “pretty pointless” compared to hard news and the work of journalists in warzones.

Over the years, the Good Morning Britain presenter has been compared to Steve Coogan‘s comedy character Alan Partridge due to his interview manner and apparent gaffes.

But speaking with the Daily Mail, the dad-of-two pointed out that sometimes the humorous comparisons and jokes can be taken out of context at times.

Alan Partridge comparisons have plagued Richard Madeley for many years
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Steve Coogan describes his comedy creation as ‘Little Englander, with right-wing values and poor taste’

Richard admitted that he doesn’t care about the jibes and accepts it’s “part and parcel of the job”.

“If people wanna take what I say – a quip or a comment – and compare me to Alan Partridge – good luck to them,” he said.

“I think some quotes are often taken so ludicracy out of context that it’s a bit unfair.”

The soon-to-be celebrity camper also explained that he doesn’t take himself “too seriously” in his career as a TV presenter.

Richard and Judy became household names thanks to their work on This Morning

“I don’t go to warzones, I do popular television, which on the whole is pretty pointless, it’s just entertainment. It doesn’t mean you’re remotely important or interesting,” he candidly stated.

Speaking to The Mirror prior to his stint on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Richard was keen to play down his constant links with Steve Coogan’s popular fictional creation.

It’s been rumoured over the years that the Manchester-born comedian’s most well-known character is actually based on the former This Morning presenter.

The comedian has constantly denied that Alan is based on anyone in particular
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Speaking to journalists in 2012, Steve denied gaffe-prone was inspired by anyone in the public eye.

“He wasn’t based on anyone. He really isn’t,” he claimed at the launch of his Sky Atlantic show.

“The Richard Madeley thing, bizarrely, I actually think things he says are too ridiculous for Alan.

He’s almost like old-school Alan. I find him quite fascinating, but he’s not the basis for it. He does say things that are quite Alan-like.”

Richard’s next career challenge will be taking part in this year’s series of I’m A Celeb
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But Richard believe if he was actually similar to Alan, he wouldn’t be enjoying the successful career he does.

“If the gaffe thing was as frequent and as serious as is sometimes written, I wouldn’t have a job,” he told The Mirror.

“I’m not going to get into a defensive crouch about it, but sometimes I read these things that I’m supposed to have said in the past, and I just didn’t say them.

He continued to explain that there was nothing you can do about the claims and that he’s “not too bothered” about the gaffe jokes.

I’ve done thousands and thousands of hours of live television and I’ve never been sued for libel. So I think I’ll be all right,” he added.

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