Naga Munchetty talks ‘falling apart’ as BBC Breakfast star opens up on injury struggles

Naga Munchetty talks ‘falling apart’ as BBC Breakfast star opens up on injury struggles

BBC Breakfast star Nana Munchetty has opened about her injury struggles from running.

And fellow presenter Gethin Jones even cheekily joked the news anchor was “falling apart” after she spoke about her injuries on an appearance on Morning Live.

Nana, 46, is a keen runner and often documents her “sweaty pics” on social media.

But Nana has revealed she’s suffered a string if injuries recently after pounding the pavements.

“How is everything else?” enquired host Gethin.

“How’s the running going, because I know you’ve been a little bit injured recently!”

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Naga confessed: “I love running! [But] I’ve got Achilles tendinitis and I’ve dislocated my knee. There’s a couple of injuries.”

A smiling Gethin teased: “You’re falling apart, Naga!”

During the exchange, one of Naga’s “sweaty pics” was then displayed on screen as she sat back and giggled.

“Daily sweaty picture! I just think you’ve got to work hard if you’re going to feel the benefits if you can, if you’re lucky enough,” stressed the presenter.

Nana was on the BBC show to discuss her long-running BBC programme Claimed and Shame, which investigates insurance fraud.

But the topic of conversation soon switched to Naga’s injury struggles from running.

The BBC star revealed the extent of her serious running injuries

Morning Live resident Dr Xand also offered his diagnosis to Nana after she asked whether she get her injuries fixed.

Xand had to break the news to Naga that he was unable to help her out, to which she joked: “Well, what was the point of you being there? I’m only joking!”

Glossing over the cheeky swipe, the doc went on to congratulate her on her progress so far.

“You’re doing a brilliant job with all your running,” he beamed.

“The main thing is your rehab and your pre-hab. Do your pre-hab before you get injured.”

Naga shook her head as she laughed: “Well, I’m injured now! It’s too late!”

Naga chatted to Gethin and fellow host Sarah Cox on the show

Gethin couldn’t resist chipping in again and offered: “It’s weird, because there are health benefits of going for a run but it’s not great for your joints.”

But medical expert Dr Xand was quick to explain that in the “long-term” running actually is good for the joints and will keep you healthy.

Naga thent elaborated on her own previous health battles and why she took up the hobby in the first place.

“I’m 46 now, and when I was 40 I got told I need to start thinking about osteoporosis and actually you need impact exercise. So that’s actually why I started running.”