27 Deeply Unsettling Pictures To Make You Say, “Wow, I Genuinely Wish I Hadn’t Seen That”

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Posted on Nov 11, 2021

Turn back now.

1. This uncomfortably speedy apartment dweller:

2. This simulation of driving at night with astigmatism:

3. This is what happens when a mosquito flies a little too close to a camera lens:

4. This jack-o’-lantern “carved” by squirrels!!!!!!!!

5. This floating red balloon that is not at all creepy or eerily reminiscent of It:

6. These absolutely TERRIFYING (yet brilliant) Halloween decorations:

7. This horrific “school project”:

8. This ominous sign in the middle of the woods:

9. This extremely ✨dystopian✨ way of avoiding facial recognition:

10. This child’s heinous bat costume:

11. These jacked arms that supposedly belong to a CAT?!?!?!?!?

12. Hmmmmm:

13. These eerie Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum rejects:

14. This dog who could very much be the next Pennywise:

15. This Disney animatronic figure repair:

16. This “Victorian ghost” that, to be fair, would 1,000% look like a Victorian ghost under the cloak of night:


18. This “lemon”:

19. This corridor/✨liminal space✨:

20. This plant’s roots that — I’m sorry — MUST be breathing:

21. This Sky Daddy™:

22. This daunting potty:

23. This outlet of absolute NIGHTMARES:

24. The remnants of this poor caribou who perished in a truly unfortunate way:

25. This abandoned animatronic Chuck E. Cheese:

26. These deeply traumatizing MRI scans of fetuses:

27. And lastly, this haunting reminder 💖:

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