Where John Lewis advert kids are now – Hollywood star and clash with parents over money

Where John Lewis advert kids are now – Hollywood star and clash with parents over money

The most exciting day of the year is upon us – the release of the John Lewis Advert.

Along with pigs in blankets and presents under the tree it’s one of the highlights of Christmas and is especially needed after the last few years we’ve had.

Whether it be misunderstood monsters, men on the moon or fun-loving penguins, they always manage to pull it out the bag with something unique every year.

But what about those adorable real life humans who star in the commercials?

One of them went on to become a Hollywood star, while another clashed with his parents about how he would spend his salary.

Here is what happened to all the young stars of previous John Lewis adverts.

The Long Wait – 2011

Lewis starred in the 2011 John Lewis Christmas advert

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Who can forget the adorable little boy that firmly put John Lewis at the top of the tree when it came to emotional Christmas adverts.

Slow Moving Millie covered Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths the little lad is impatiently waiting for the countdown to Christmas to end

And while you might think it’s so he can get his hands on those goodies from Santa, it’s actually so he can give him mum and dad his carefully chosen gift.

We were all struggling not to cry watching John Lewis’ 2011 offering, but what happened to it’s child star.

Lewis McGowan, from Hamilton, near Glasgow, was chosen from 250 other children to star in the John Lewis advert, which was filmed over five days in London.

Lewis became a Hollywood star
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The young actor appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean
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At the time, the youngster reportedly said: “I had great fun but it was hard work.”

Young actor Lewis McGowan has been very busy with small roles in a number of TV shows, including Doctor Who and Houdini and Doyle.

And earlier this year he had his biggest role yet appearing alongside Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The schoolboy played a 12-year-old version Henry Turner, who is the son of Bloom’s character in 2017.

He also appeared in TV series The Alienist and short film In The Fall in 2018.

Monty the Penguin – 2014

Sam, played by Rhys, and Monty the penguin

Everyone remembers Monty the loveable penguin, but there was another star in the 2014 advert.

Going with the animal theme that year, John Lewis focused on Monty the Penguin and his adorable relationship with a little boy.

But even though Monty has a firm friend in the youngster all he dreams of is finding love.

In a shock twist ending, it turned out Monty is an imaginary friend and a stuffed toy but under the Christmas tree is a female penguin, destined to be his perfect companion.

The theme tune to the advert was a Tom Odell cover of John Lennon’s Real Love.

Rhys Edwards was given £2,5000 wages for the commercial, but clashed with his parents on how to spend his earnings.

The young actor wanted to buy a £369 drone but his parents wanted him to save the money for when he is older.

Mum Lucie said: “We had to be strict about that. All the money is in the bank for when he’s older.”

Man On The Moon – 2015

Orli Star Knill-Goldstein was looking through the telescope
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One of the most memorable of all the John Lewis ads, Man On The Moon saw a little girl communicating with a man living on the moon.

Each night, the schoolgirl watched the lonely old man through her telescope as Aurora sang a cover of the Oasis track Half The World Away.

Desperate to get the man’s attention, the little girl eventually sends him a special delivery of a telescope with a handy air balloon so he can see earth for the first time.

The strapline for the advert was “show someone they’re loved this Christmas” and it cost a rumoured £7million to film.

Frenchman Jean Masini, who played the moon resident, became a huge star in his native country.

While child actress Orli Star Knill-Goldstein had already starred in a big budget film – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – and got to visit director Tim Burton’s home.

Dad Trevor Goldstein, who is an actor and ex-Dreamboys star, said: “The advert did get her in a position where she got some big auditions – massive stuff.

“She loved it. She has never been fazed by the attention. Kids at her school would come up and say, ‘Were you in the advert?’ and she would say, ‘Yes’, and walk off.

“She doesn’t watch the ad. She loves the filming and that’s it. She doesn’t seem to have any interest in becoming famous.”

Moz the Monster – 2017

Moz the Monster was the 2017 John Lewis Christmas Advert
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Back in 2017, we were introduced to a little boy who was terrified of the dark.

Elbow performed the Beatles track Golden Slumbers for that year’s offering, which told the story of the scared lad who found a monster living under his bed.

But this was no horrifying monster, as the youngster quickly became friends with gentle giant Moz.

They spent all night playing and having fun, so the little lad was noticeably exhausted during the day.

We were all under the belief that one child was star of the show, but the role was actually given to a set of twins.

Only one of them actually auditioned for the big role but when bosses heard the had an identical twin they got them both involved.

Ethan and Tobias got their first on-screen project together – and look to have a bright future ahead in acting.

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