17 Times Things Went Hilariously — Or Inappropriately — Wrong On “Saturday Night Live”

“It brings me to tears every single time I watch it.” —pattiecolvin23

Rachel Dratch talked about this sketch and the morose origins of “Debbie Downer” at the Chicago Improv Festival in 2017, saying, “There is a downer attached to the story of how I came up with her. I was on a vacation in Costa Rica. … People were just making conversation, and someone was like, ‘Oh, where are you from?’ And I said I’m from New York, and then they were like, ‘Oh. Were you there for 9/11?'”

About a week later, that conversation popped back into Dratch’s mind, and she thought she could create a full character around it, so she took the idea to former SNL writer Paula Pell: “We were trying to think of how to write Debbie Downer. We had her set in an office and it wasn’t really flowing and we were like, ‘Wait, we need somewhere that’s really happy.’ So we set it at Disney World.”

Jimmy Fallon spoke about how funny it was to be part of this iconic Disney World sketch, saying, “I didn’t laugh until the way end. Horatio [Sanz] was losing it throughout the whole thing. … At one point, he was laughing so hard and trying not to laugh that tears were coming out of his eyes, and he was dabbing the tears with the waffles to try to make me laugh.” Fallon also talked about how SNL is actually a floating studio that’s built on springs so the subway that runs below it doesn’t shake the set, but the laughter in the audience was so loud that the studio physically shook: “The whole place exploded, and it vibrated. The whole studio vibrated. … If it’s a really killer sketch, the place shakes. The place shook, and I started crying laughing. … It was one of the funniest moments. I loved it.”

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