Driver stunned as petrol station charges just 14.9p a litre after price blunder

Driver stunned as petrol station charges just 14.9p a litre after price blunder

Drivers who have become used to fuel shortages and high prices couldn’t believe their eyes when a petrol station slip-up saw people fill-up for a fraction of the real price.

A motorist posted on Facebook about his good luck when heading into a Shell garage near Margate last Tuesday and many others wished they had also taken advantage of the early Christmas present.

The garage blunder meant that the decimal point was showing in the wrong place at the pump when drivers filled up with petrol.

The surprised driver posted the update on a Facebook group for Kent hauliers and drivers.

The price of petrol in the UK has hit an all-time high

The price per litre was displaying as 14.9p, which meant that the 26.29 litres he filled up with cost just £3.92.

Other users have reacted to the post and rued their luck at missing out on the cheap offer.

“I filled up last night, I’m gutted,” one person wrote.

“How nice would that be all the time,” another said.

One person responded: “Should have kept that quiet!”

While another said: “On my way… from Edinburgh!”

People who have since visited the petrol garage and told the Facebook page that the price has now been corrected.

UK petrol prices hit their highest level on record on Sunday, climbing to 142.94p per litre.

The previous all-time record of 142.48p was reached on April 16 2012.

Only a few weeks ago there were massive queues at petrol stations due to a shortage of deliveries and panic buying that led to the government putting Army staff on standby.

Almost 200 military personnel, including 100 drivers, were training at haulier sites and started deliveries to help relieve the situation at petrol stations.

The government announced that a temporary visa scheme for nearly 5,000 foreign food haulage drivers, which was due to expire on December 24, will be extended to the end of February, following criticism of its attractiveness to drivers.

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