14 Grandma Approved Cooking Hacks That Will Basically Turn You Into A Masterchef

14 Grandma Approved Cooking Hacks That Will Basically Turn You Into A Masterchef

Posted 3 hours ago

Because grandma knows best.

1. Can’t stop crying while cutting onions? Peel and cut the onions in half and soak them in water for about 15 minutes before chopping to avoid tears!

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2. Always let your dough rest for 15 minutes after kneading to make softer chapatis. You can also add a bit of milk to make them extra soft!

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3. When you’re boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt to the water. This makes peeling off the skin so much easier! The same trick works with potatoes as well.

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4. While making tomato based curries, always make sure you use super ripe red tomatoes and discard the green part of the fruit so your gravies retain that bright red colour.

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5. And while boiling leafy greens, add a small pinch of sugar to the water and your leafy vegetables will retain their vibrant green shade.

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6. Here’s the best paneer hack you’re ever going to find. Before cooking it, soak your paneer in water for ten minutes! This step takes almost no effort and makes the paneer so much softer.

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7. If you hate peeling garlic, you might like this trick. Before peeling the garlic cloves, rub them with some oil and dry them in the sun for about half an hour, and voila, the skin comes off so much easier.

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8. And if you struggle to get the smell of garlic off your hands after cooking, you can rub your hands on a stainless steel plate of vessel.

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9. Onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and then the spices. This should be the order the ingredients go in when you cook according to their cooking time.

10. Adding a bit of rava to your atta while making pooris makes a world of a difference of you like your pooris to be extra crispy.

11. Hate sticky pasta? Rinse it in cold water immediately after taking it out of the pot.

12. Adding cooked rice while making idli batter makes them turn out a lot softer and fluffier.

13. Grated coconut lasts upto three weeks in the fridge, so you can grate in bulk and save yourself a lot of prep time. Just thaw the coconut for five minutes before cooking.

14. Adding a few drops of lime and / or oil to your water when you cook rice prevents the rice from getting sticky and helps it retain its pure white colour.

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