Tesco Clubcard flaw means thousands of customers may have missing points

Tesco Clubcard flaw means thousands of customers may have missing points

Tesco customers could be missing out on Clubcard points and lower prices because of a flaw linked to digital payments.

Shoppers with a Tesco credit card can collect points when they scan their card at the till or enter their Clubcard details online at the supermarket and certain third party retailers.

However, account holders who use their phone at the checkout need to swipe their Clubcard too as they could be missing out on loyalty points.

Those who forget to swipe could lose out on points for that transaction and may also end up paying a higher price if they miss out on a Clubcard-related promotion.

Tesco offers cheaper food prices to Clubcard holders, with some items as much as 50% cheaper than for shoppers who don’t have a Clubcard, The Sun reports.

You’ll need to check your Clubcard is linked to your Apple Pay account

That’s in addition to one point for every £1 spent – or one point for every £2 on fuel – and 150 points would get you a £1.50 voucher.

Shoppers on Twitter have complained to Tesco that they have missed out on points and cheaper prices.

One said: ” Did you know that the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card doesn’t add points to your clubcard account if used with Apple Pay? Please fix! Thx!.”

Another tweeted ” But one of the big selling points for their credit card is that you get club card points on every transaction. Eh no you don’t …, not with Apple Pay.”

Have you missed out on points because of this? Get in touch: mirror.money.saving@mirror.co.uk

Tesco told customers that Apple Pay is “not set up to recognise our incentive scheme”.

That’s despite the Tesco’s website claiming that when using Apple Pay you’ll collect points “as normal”.

Apple Pay’s FAQs page mentions that you must “swipe your Clubcard before you pay to get your points as well”.

Tesco said: “When a customer uses a Tesco Bank credit card in a Tesco store they collect points both for their shopping, and for paying with their Tesco Bank card.

“If this is done using Apple Pay, customers must also first tap their Clubcard at the till to ensure they receive all their points, and any discounts.

“Information regarding Apple Pay is in the welcome booklet, as well as on our website and online community pages.

“If a customer does not receive their full allocation of points and discounts we can correct this.”

If you find you may have missed out on points, you should be able to claim them back by contacting customer services with your receipt. Customers can also do this in store.

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