25 Times April Ludgate Was The Best Part Of “Parks And Recreation”

25 Times April Ludgate Was The Best Part Of “Parks And Recreation”

“I’m going to murder you a thousand times.”

1. When she adopted a new personality to befriend Tynnyfer:

2. When she dropped the perfect insult:

3. When she told Ben her house rules:

4. When she made an honest mistake:

5. When she wanted to give birth in style:

6. When she said what everyone was thinking:

7. When she wasn’t great with compliments:

8. When she was a passionate wine connoisseur:

9. When she loved garbage:

10. When she congratulated Ann on her new job in a very April way:

11. When she got feisty with this elderly councilman:

12. When her wedding vows were perfect:

13. When she caved and sang “Time After Time” with Ann:

14. When she was an animal lover:

15. When she talked about fashion:

16. When she introduced us to the legendary Janet Snakehole:

17. When she spoke her truth:

18. When she wouldn’t let poor Ann catch a break:

19. When she was one with nature:

20. When she was a pageant queen:

21. When she showed off her competitive edge:

22. When she wasn’t Pawnee’s biggest fan:

23. When she workshopped a new idea:

24. When she got ready to say goodbye to Ann:

25. Finally, when she almost got sentimental:

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