UK weather: Torrential downpours with warning for heavy rain after 23C heat ends

UK weather: Torrential downpours with warning for heavy rain after 23C heat ends

Large parts of England are set to be deluged with heavy rain yet again with a wet weather warning in place for this weekend.

The Met Office has issued a 12 hour advisory for substantial showers between midday on Sunday and midnight, warning that there could be flooding and disruption to transport.

Before that though there will be more sunshine than showers on Saturday, with parts of England seeing highs of 23C.

So enjoy it will you can before the wet weather comes in the next day, thanks to two weather fronts colliding and increasing the amount of rainfall giving Brits a soaking.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “This weekend will be a mix of sunshine and showers but I suspect most places will have a fine day on Saturday.

The Met Office Yellow Warning for heavy rain is in place for Sunday
Met Office)

“On Sunday some of the showers are going to fall into pretty heavy downpours and there’s a Met Office yellow warning in place for that.

“What’s going on? Well it is fairly complicated – one weather front is weakening across the UK but it’s joined by another and this one gives the other a bit of a kick and more particularly so on Sunday, which boosts the amount of rainfall.

“Saturday starts with temperatures as low as 9C in Northern Ireland, particularly cold in rural areas.

“We start damp across North East Scotland – that rain slowly fizzles out with the odd shower over parts of northern England, west Wales and the far south west.

Saturday will be the better of the two days, with warmer weather and more sunshine
Met Office)

“But many places will be dry and bright. Temperatures will be up into the low 20s particularly across England and Wales.

“Sunday is a bit of a mess. There’s potential, particularly in the afternoon in the East of England, for heavy showers and thunderstorms.”



Fog patches lifting by mid-morning, then fine across northwestern UK, as well parts of the south, where some warm sunshine is expected.

In between, a band of patchy rain, while odd heavy showers may develop across southwestern regions.

Saturday night:

Rain probably becoming more widespread and heavier for some western and northern areas.

Either side of this, mostly dry although with a few fog patches possible in clearer areas.


Bands of cloud and patchy rain edging east, with heavy, perhaps thundery, downpours likely across parts of eastern England later.

Further west it should gradually turn drier and brighter.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Showers in the east and far northwest on Monday, otherwise largely fine early next week with sunny spells.

Turning unsettled from the northwest later on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

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