McDonald’s insider solves 50-year mystery of Grimace – and his chilling previous identity

McDonald’s insider solves 50-year mystery of Grimace – and his chilling previous identity

A McDonald’s manager has finally answered the question we have always wondered – what is Ronald McDonald’s pal Grimace supposed to be!?

The lesser known McDonalds mascot, Grimace has been around since the 1970s, where he had a different, more ominous name – Evil Grimace.

He started out as an evil character who used to steal milkshakes, before being changed to a “good” one in 1972.

Grimace is a large, purple anthropomorphic being of indeterminate species with short arms and legs, known for his slow-witted demeanour and his catchphrase “duh” before every sentence.

He was voiced by Frank Welker and Larry Moran in McDonalds adverts, and Kevin Michael Richardson in the VHS series The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald’s purple pal Grimace has long been subject to scrutiny as fans debate what he’s meant to be
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He was portrayed by Patti Saunders from 1971-1984 and Terry Castillo from 1984-2003.

But what is the giant purple creature actually meant to represent? We finally have the answer.

Brian Bates, the manager of a McDonald’s in Windsor, Canada, says Grimace is “an enormous tastebud” whose purpose is to simply show that food tastes good.

Bates, who was recently named Outstanding Manager of the Year for his leadership role during the coronavirus pandemic, told CBC News: “He is an enormous taste bud, but a taste bud nonetheless.”

McDonald’s Grimace used to be “evil” before he was given a new identity
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One viewer tweeted: “I was today years old when I found out that Grimace from the McDonald’s franchise is meant to be a human tastebud.”

Another added: “I was today years old when I found out Grimace was originally called ‘The Evil Grimace’ and was a monstrous, four-armed villain who stole (and probably ate children).”


But it’s unclear if Brian is correct, as in 2012, the McDonald’s corporate Twitter account claimed: “Grimace is the embodiment of a milkshake, though others still insist he’s a tastebud.”

What do you think Grimace is meant to be? Let us know in the comments.

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