Nicole Scherzinger sued by Pussycat Dolls’ founder for ‘backing out’ of reunion tour

Nicole Scherzinger sued by Pussycat Dolls’ founder for ‘backing out’ of reunion tour

Nicole Scherzinger is being sued by the Pussycat Dolls’ founder over their comeback tour.

Band creator Robin Antin claims in a US lawsuit that Scherzinger is delaying the revival with cash demands.

The Dolls’ frontwoman, 43, had agreed to reunite with Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt, Carmit Bachar and Jessica Sutta before the pandemic.

But, according to the lawsuit, filed on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Scherzinger is now threatening to ditch the tour unless she’s given a majority share in funds and complete creative control in the relaunch.

And because tour dates cannot be confirmed, Live Nation is said to be demanding the $600,000 that it put up.

Pussycat Dolls founder and choreographer Robin Antin filed a lawsuit against Nicole Scherzinger at the Los Angeles Superior Court
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Choreographer Antin, 60, says that following the pandemic, Scherzinger “now refuses to participate in the tour.”

Antin also claims she and Scherzinger came to their original deal in 2019 with dockets stating the agreement had Scherzinger getting 49%, in a “memorandum of understanding”.

Antin adds Scherzinger “demanded to renegotiate the terms of the MOU”.

Scherzinger now allegedly wants to be a 75% owner with final decision-making authority, and she’s refusing to participate in the tour otherwise.

Fans face uncertainty about ever seeing the band back on stage.

Scherzinger is its most famous face thanks to high-profile TV and film work. Antin is represented by lawyer Richard Busch. Scherzinger did promote the tour, it is acknowledged in the complaint, but then the pandemic halted touring.

Scherzinger could not be reached for comment.

Nicole Scherzinger left the Pussycat Dolls in 2009 to pursue a solo career and met boyfriend Thom Evans on The X Factor: Celebrity
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But in a 2012 documentary, she said many fans wouldn’t be aware that she sang “95%” of vocals on the albums. She said: “I love those girls, they’re like my sisters, but people don’t even know the story. I was the one singing.”

That same year, Ashley, 39, revealed on I’m A Celebrity that only Nicole was allowed to speak, adding that because payments were never split equally, there was a lot of drama.

She said: “We were told to be quiet. Only Nicole was allowed to talk, we would occasionally pitch in. Why do you think the band broke up?”